Too many voices inside my skull door knobs!

Yes its true there are many voices in my head and they all tell me to make more skulls! So I must listen!

That is what has inspired this skull door knob set. I first started with only 1 skull inside the door knob set and then one day got crazy and completely filled the resin skull while I was pouring the resin into the mold!!!

When I removed them from the mold I was amazed at how insanely awesome they turned out and so the clear skull door knobs with mini skull beads was born!!

Then I was thinking why not light up your door knobs in the dark so you could see then in your kitchen easily in the dark. I cant be the only one who cooks in my kitchen with the light off can I?
So this spawned the glow in the dark skull door knobs! As you could see these skull beads inside the skull door knobs are a bit more translucent which is why the glow in the dark when exposed to sunlight or a bright light for a few minutes.
So how many of you hear voices in your head and what are they telling you? Sound off in the comments below- I’m actually really curious!!!!

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