The Birth of Skulls Inspired!

Hi everyone,
My name is Connie, and I am the artist and creator of all the many different skulls here on I have always had an interest in skulls and was first introduced to resin casting about 3-4 years ago when I started watching YouTube videos on the topic.

I told my family how much I wanted to try resin casting myself. The following Mother’s Day my children gave me my very first bottle of resin which I held onto for almost a year not knowing what I was going to make with it.

When I started seeing molds of skulls online, I knew immediately that was what I wanted to make! So, I ordered a skull mold and made a mess with my first few attempts – LOL.

The first few skulls I made were not great; to put it nicely. But by the 4th or 5th skull casting, I had a skull I could be proud of.

I started sharing pictures of my skulls on many Face Book skull lover groups and started getting TONS of messages asking if they could be purchased. This is when I realized I had to run to the store and purchase more resin!

After selling out of my first few skulls in the first week the demand became overwhelming, and I needed to go to the store again and purchase twice as much resin to keep up with the demand for my resin cast skulls! They began to sell out week after week and sales increased even more when I started introducing other cast skull necklaces and keychains.

At this point I created an Etsy store and directed my customers there to make their purchases instead of just paying me via PayPal.

Skip forward a year and things were going so great, I decided to open my own website.

And that’s how was born!!

Thank you for reading my story and joining me on this wild ride!!


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